We carry out your project, from the scope to the final product

Do you need to develop an injected plastic part? Fazfort does this for you, using the know-how of your technicians and employing state-of-the-art injection machines and works alongside you, giving you complete technical support so that your project is perfectly developed. To do so, you simply present a simple drawing or sample of the product to be developed. Ready! All this is done within a personalized and exclusive service, seeking to listen to your customers, in order to create the best and most competent solutions in the pursuit of your satisfaction.

see how it is
the step by step

  1. Contact Fazfort
  2. Send a picture, 2D drawing or sample
  3. Answer the technical questionnaire specifying standards, material, color, among others. We also recommend the prototyping of the part by 3D printing
  4. FazFort takes care of the mold of the piece and prepares the preliminary budget
  5. With the template in hand, we evaluated, tested, and submitted the final budget
  6. Final step: Parts of samples, your project is now reality!