Industrial Line

The Industrial Line FazFort is further evidence of the quality and competence of its products. Following requirements and technical standards, international standards of quality and safety, complying with stringent specifications constructive and constantly evaluated by their customers, FazFort produces parts for the automotive market in various forms and for more complex functions.

Customers such as Fiat in Brazil and its suppliers trust their direct injection molds for the production and maintenance of FazFort.

With an efficient logistics service, using a computerized system, Fazfort performs scheduled delivery according to the needs of its customers, meeting the various deadlines, which gives you more speed and agility.

Technical parts produced:
- Polypropylene (PP) - Polyamide (PA)
- Polyacetal (POM)
- Polyethylene having a high or low density polyethylene (HDPE and LDPE)
- Polycarbonate (PC)
- ABS and compounds (eg PA 30% glass fiber, 40% PP, talc, etc.).