Agile, dynamic, competitive and with a quality system that guarantees its products to more modern standards. So is the Fazfort, a company with many years of experience in the manufacture of plastic injected parts, using many different thermoplastic resins.

The Fazfort has modern injection molding machines to receive high-tech molds and tooling for technical support.

Had as initial scope, the manufacture of products for agricultural use, such as syringes and needles for veterinary use and sundries as desmamadores calf, dog feeders, nipples calves, etc.

Over the years, following the market demand, expanded its production line to manufacture parts for third parties, meeting the most diverse sectors of the national market.

Currently, Fazfort provides products for the veterinary market, automotive, furniture, electronics, among others.

With a team of highly trained and qualified, the Fazfort has as main focus, customer satisfaction. Because of its excellent quality, is now seeking higher flights. The company’s aim in foreign markets, the expansion of their business. Today, its products are now exported, even by its main customers.

This is the Fazfort, synonymous with quality!