Know our product line

Fazfort produces a complete line of products for veterinary use, such as plastic syringes, metal needles and various accessories (including spare parts), extremely resistant, used in the vaccination and immunization of the most diverse herds. Always concerned with the performance of its products, Fazfort selects non-toxic raw materials of the highest quality, offering its customers products with excellent finishing and competitive prices.

Fazfort has a line of accessories for the agricultural line and for domestic use. Using raw materials of the highest quality, always non-toxic, which guarantees exceptional quality in their products. Always with modern and beautiful design, Fazfort works with the most varied color chart, giving a differential to its products.

FazFort's industrial line is further proof of the quality and competence of its products. Following the requirements and technical norms, international standards of quality and safety, obeying to the rigorous constructive specifications and evaluated constantly by its clients, FazFort produces parts for diverse industrial segments like automotive, pharmaceutical, electronics, among others, in the most varied forms and for the more complex functions.
Customers like Fiat do Brasil and its direct suppliers entrust their injection molds to the production and maintenance of FazFort.

Do you need to develop an injected plastic part?
Fazfort does this for you, using the know-how of your technicians and employing state-of-the-art injection machines and works alongside you, giving you complete technical support so that your project is perfectly developed. To do so, you simply present a simple drawing or sample of the product to be developed. Ready!